Pardon me for not getting back to you sooner.

Soccer is a team sport.

Have you ever been up in a plane?

What's on your to-do list for today?

Tell Leigh that I'm angry.

We've made some changes.

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These two brothers resemble each other.

The medicine didn't help at all.

I'll only be staying a few days.

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The ship swayed in the strong wind.

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Rolfe must be found immediately.

Knute opened the glove compartment and noticed the registration was missing.

His voice was flat and lacked enthusiasm.


They say he's the richest person in the city.

"How's life been treating you?" "I can't complain."

Good advice isn't expensive.

Are you waiting for something?

Kate isn't busy now.


Difficult problems require imaginative solutions.

This one's all yours.

What shelf is the book on?

Roxie will be jealous.

We're about through here.

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Phil has a big penis.

I'll be around for three weeks.

I love to see him smile.


They left him for dead.

I love the sun.

You really have an ear for music.

Do you want Valerie to stay?

I think that he is in the right in this dispute.

I can tell whether it's Dad or not by the sound of his footsteps.

I'll see you guys later.


Did you actually see Revised do it?


I've just been to the post office to send a package.

What time does that contest start?

Marc's career spanned 1993 to 2013.


The election in the U.S. was an anti-establishment election.

Allan is a poet.

This can't work.

Here are some idioms.

The accident happened, but they couldn't help it.

I still couldn't believe it.

Art shouldn't say such rude things to Ofer.

Nathaniel probably thinks Shari is at home.

Lukas is about 33% cuter than Les.

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I must admit that I don't like contemporary music much.


If the wolf had made the girl quake with terror, it seemed like a lamb beside this dreadful lion.


Gregge played you like a violin.

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He was kind enough to tell me the truth.


Guy was prepared to go to trial.

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I'm going to go sit down.


I little dreamed of seeing you here.

It never happened again.

He is unconscious of his bad manners.


He told me point-blank that I was fired.

Spike says he's already paid.

"Your Majesty, Ganon and his minions are not in the house!" "Whatcha talkin' 'bout?"


Did you want to meet with him?

He will have to get up early tomorrow.

Please show it to me again.

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Get well soon.


She vacated the apartment a month ago and left no forwarding address.

The Chicago Cubs have won the World Series for the first time since 1908.

Heidi is extremely intelligent.

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I want someone to talk to.


That you will pass the exam is certain.

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I'm pretty sure that Brendan doesn't like me.

Izzy told me he was tired.

In 2014 Scotland may become an independent state.


I wish I'd bought that bicycle.

I debated for hours with my friends on the subject.

In Aesop's Fables is a story called "Sour Grapes".

She's not stronger than me.

I'd rather be with you.


He sent me a letter.

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You're demanding.

This clock is broken.

They just saw Hein.

The tax increases affected our lives greatly.

I am to meet him at ten.


Let's start with what we were talking about yesterday.

Lansing is the state capital of Michigan.

What a surprise to see you here!

Didn't you learn that in school?

He frowned in puzzlement.

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In a crisis you must keep your head.

Tell him where we've gone.

Hirofumi bought an eternity ring for List, as a token of his undying love for her.

I drank the water.

When he was here, he would swim in the morning.

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You can't make me do that.

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She has a Japanese car.

He is gay.

She wept the entire night.

Maybe your earring is under the table.

The house which stands on the hill is very old.


Do you know the lyrics to this song?

She has a rich boyfriend.

If it's raining tomorrow, we'll go there by car.

After much negotiation, the two sides in the dispute reached a compromise.

Ignorance of the law is not accepted as a defence.

I believe it's my duty to protect these children.

We had no notification.

Karima asked Marie where the dog was.

We need to speak to you.

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Part asked Isidore the one question she really didn't want to answer.


Tap water is sometimes cleaner than bottled water.

Everyone is waiting for Spock to say something.

Judy is much happier than he used to be.

This land is my property.

You can reach me at this number.

What can be keeping her?

I like to listen to old records.

Learning a language involves memorizing countless thousands of words.

I need the work.

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How long did it take you to clean this place?

I'm sorry, I didn't explain properly.

Oops, I think we forgot Lars.

Saturn devoured his children.

It's like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.


I need you here tomorrow.

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I thought it was a secret.

Leon said that he didn't want to eat anything.

Weather permitting, I'll start tomorrow.


Excuse me while I take my clothes off.

I wish I had something to contribute.

Black is a very common color for shoes.


Would you like to play tennis on Sundays?

My house lays at a convenient place - near the train station.

Have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on?

Does it have to be today?

Have you ever felt dizzy on a plane?


He nodded as much as to say, I agree.


He couldn't keep his temper any longer.

We're no longer working for Diane.

The higher classes constitute the mind of the single large whole of humanity; the lower classes constitute its limbs; the former are the thinking and designing part, the latter the executive part.

That's a mistaken belief.

Unfortunately, the police had to wait until there was another victim to try to find more about the serial killer.

He explained the political background of the war on TV.

Kenneth's strategy was responsible for the victory.


Don't you want to go to the party?

Everyone looks the same, except the one standing on his head.

I hate not being able to understand things when people are speaking French.

She insisted that he play the piano.

Run and get some bread from the baker's!

Pat looks conflicted.

Our meeting was just an accident.

Give Alvin another chance.

That store employs eight clerks.

That's helped a lot.

Curtis has no enemies.

The one who reads this report obtains all statements that are necessary to be able to check the facts by himself.

Yesterday I went to Disneyland.

We tried to stop him.

We're a little early.

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May I watch TV now?